1101 2nd Ave E Unit 1131-A, Owen Sound, Ontario

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Huronia Area Aboriginal Management Board

1101 2nd Avenue East
Suite 1131 A
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 2J1

Phone:(519) 376-9400
Fax:(519) 376-0077

Stella Pilessey
LDM Coordinator

Email: ldmcoordinator@bellnet.ca

Carolyn Carter
Employment Counsellor

Email:  employmentcounsellor@bellnet.ca 

Carlene Keeshig
Special Project Coordinator

Email:  employmentc2@bellnet.ca 

April John 
Program Coordinator

Email:  haambskilltrade@bellnet.ca 

Brighton Johnston
Project Support Worker

Email: programsupport@bellnet.ca

**Huronia Area Aboriginal Management Board welcomes your testimonials and success stories.  Please send to one of the addresses provided on this page.**

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