Community Youth Forum

Community Youth Forum


To provide community youth groups with financial assistance that will promote discussion and planning around employment and career goals. The sponsor/youth group will host/plan career fairs, lectures, employment workshops or other related activities. This program is designed to promote information sharing between the participants, between employers, educators and elders. It is expected they will form relationships with other organizations that will build a foundation fostering the needs of the communities’ youth.

Eligible Participants

Aboriginal youth between the ages of 15-30.

Eligible Sponsors

Aboriginal community based not-for-profit organizations.


To be negotiated.

 Requirements for the measure

The sponsor/youth group will be responsible for providing the LDM with an outline of the workshop(s) including an agenda, the names of the participants attending, the topic or theme of the forum (i.e. career planning through mentoring, how to find a job, picking a career), a list of the desired goals expected from the forum, and a narrative of the forum at the completion.

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